Pupil Premium Funding

What is it? 

The pupil premium is funding provided by the government. It is intended to address the achievement gap between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and children do not receive this funding. It is for individual schools to decide how the money is spent. At Somerby Primary School, the Pupil Premium is used to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential regardless of their social situation. Pupil premium resources may also be used to target more able children. How much do we receive? Somerby Primary school receives £1320 per child who is eligible for FSM, £1900 for adopted or looked after children and £300 for children who have parents in service. 

This academic year 2016/17 the Pupil Premium grant is funding: 

1. The majority of funding is used to provide additional support for children to ensure they make accelerated progress in core curriculum areas. This support is monitored by a teacher and also delivered by trained support assistants. Children participate in additional intervention sessions tailored to their needs. 

2. A proportion of the funding is used to purchase intervention programmes tailored to the pupils needs. 

3. A proportion of the funding is used to support pupils attending extra-curricular activities that they would not usually be able to access. 

The disadvantaged pupils at Somerby Primary school have a number of barriers to learning that we aim to address through this funding. Pupils can suffer with low self esteem due to challenging circumstances at home. Our disadvantaged pupils also have poor quality vocabulary and language skills. They often have very limited experiences outside of school therefore we aim to offer these to them across a diverse curriculum. 

These strategic actions are planned to address the most significant barriers to children's learning. Our priorities have been to ensure that children are equipped with skills to learn, that their self esteem is high, and that they can develop their communication, maths and English skills. 

Termly analysis of progress data takes place to ensure the funding supports the attainment of disadvantaged pupils at Somerby Primary School. Due to the small numbers we are unable to publish these to secure anonymity. 

Pupil Premium Analysis of spend