Our Values and Ethos

At Somerby Primary School we believe children learn best when they feel safe and secure. We aim to offer an outstanding education that encourages each child to be the best they can be. We recognise individual talents and develop confidence so every child is motivated, inspired and enjoys learning. Our curriculum is centered around behaviours for learning. 

Aims and Values

  • A safe and happy environment to provide the opportunity for each child to reach their potential and recognise high aspirations
  • An ethos of nurturing and caring, appreciating different qualities and recognising each child as an individual
  • Exciting learning opportunities that will develop knowledge and skills, both academic and social, to prepare children for the future
  • A secure yet challenging atmosphere where children feel confident and self-motivated to take risks and so become active and independent learners.  Quality first teaching and support to bring about an inspiring, imaginative and innovative curriculum


Our definition of learning

Learning is a continual process by which we gain knowledge and skills in an engaging and creative way within a challenging, secure environment. Learning is about creating meaning from experience.


Somerby primary school strongly believes that our curriculum should be driven by:

  • Community – local, national, international
  • Problem solving and challenge 
  • Practical, creative and based on real experiences and interests
  • Child centered 


Our Learning Behaviours


Risk takers







We use a holistic technique to help the children remember these learning behaviours. We use the word Believe as well as a catch phrase’ Take control of your own destiny…Believe in yourself!’’ To inspire children to be the best they can be.