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Our Curriculum

The Somerby Curriculum

The school follows the national curriculum as the basis for what we deliver to our pupils. We follow the programmes of study as set out for the end of key stage 1 and key stage 2.

How we deliver the curriculum at Somerby?

We have an exciting curriculum to encourage our children to love learning. Lessons are taught in topics each half term, to encourage the children to really get 'into' their learning.

We have a strong emphasis on creativity. Outdoor learning is an important element of the work that we do.

We have a number of trips and visits incorporated into our lessons. Residential trips are offered to children too.

There is an emphasis on sport, music and art to enrich the curriculum. Numerous sports events take place and children take part in regular music activities.


Phonics is the knowledge of letters and the sounds they make. At Somerby, phonics is taught through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme and the children are organised according to their skills.

The children are taught the skills of blending sounds to read words. They are encouraged to break up the sounds in a word and choose the correct letters needed to spell it.

Children receive 20 minutes focussed phonics teaching a day.


At Somerby reading books are banded according to their content.  Pupils are taught reading skills during guided reading lessons, phonics lessons and through cross-curricular activities.  Pupils’ book band levels are checked regularly to ensure they are at the correct level.

Children’s books are changes very regularly , and children have individual reading time with a member of staff as appropriate.

Parents are encouraged to hear their child read and to communicate with the class teacher through their child’s individual reading record.

Did you know that to become a good reader in key stage 1 (so Years 1 and 2) most children need to read 600-1000 words a week?


At Somerby we likes to write across the curriculum as much as possible. We do different types of writing, using different writing tool kits. We make sure writing is engaging for the reader, and has a purpose (so we know what we are writing for).


At Somerby teachers provide a highly enriching curriculum which builds upon mathematics skills as children go through the school.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum then please feel free to speak to the class teachers.