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Reception and Year 1 - Willow Class

Willow Class - Summer 1 Review

Hubble Bubble has been a great topic this term. The children have fully immersed themselves in castle life, exploring who lived in them and what it life was like in one and where and why they were built. We even had our own Somerby Castle to play in!


In Maths this term EYFS have learnt about number 11-20, sharing and grouping and odd and even numbers. Year 1 have been looking at halves and quarters, multiplication and division and position and direction.


In English we have looked at a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books with a clear favourite being The Kings pants! Willow class have made their own non-fiction book by writing fabulous sentences about the facts they have learnt about castles. Year 1 have learnt about the prefix un and the suffixes er and est. EYFS focused on writing independently using their phonics knowledge to write unfamiliar words

Willow class have produced some amazing art pieces this term inspired by Paul Klee. In Design and Technology, the children made a moving picture using the sliding lever technique.

This term we had a Royal Rumpus day where we dressed up as characters who live in a castle and completed lots of fun castle themed activities. We had a Royal banquet at lunch time too! In the afternoon we had a Knights tournament where there was a jousting competition, a horse obstacle course and we learnt how to juggle.