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SEN support during covid-19 lockdown

Here are some useful documents, links and apps to help support children with processing what and why things are happening during the safe at home period.


This is a fab social story video called 'We wear masks': 


Here is a document about handling thw Autistic Spectrum Condition during the stay at home period:


This is a social story all about Coronavirus:,1,hZpGgXDC5dMkyceZdCiRrjFl3Wgmj89gBN7G75b7MvnGXWfycLVM9Oal5xmTwTbznu-PrLIXb1BCKpgaObbGikrQPgt0kJiUA3uC67g-zBfttOde&typo=1

Trigger Stop by Julie Kurtz