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Vision and Values

Every child who attends our school is important and unique and the most important part of our role is to ensure they reach their full potential. 

At Somerby Primary School we work together as a team to shape our vision as a school, and the values we want to teach our children.

Every child who is educated at our school will be equipped with the skills and qualities to become resilient, independent, life-long learners, no matter what their starting point. 

Through education, our children will stand proud in society and able to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Our values will be taught to our children throughout their time at Somerby Primary School.

We will teach our children to be:
Respectful and Kind,
Self-Regulated and Resourceful,
Inclusive and Understanding,
Creative and Inquisitive,
Courageous and Proud,
Aspirational and Motivated.

We will teach them the importance of these values to help support them to become brilliant young people.