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Year 2 and 3 - Ash Class

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!”

We have been exploring the UK and its coasts this half term. We have learnt all about the different human and physical features of the coast. We have also used our skills to locate Skegness on a map and plan a route to walk around! We even got to have a go at some fieldwork in Skegness!


In Design and Technology, our aim was to design and create a balanced and nutritious wrap. We have learnt how to safely use a knife to chop, we have even learnt that we can snip smaller foods instead of cutting! Our final wraps were just delicious!

Our Science was closely linked to our Design and Technology this half term as we have become personal trainers and our clients needed us to investigate the nutrition that humans need and our bodies including our muscles and bones. As part of our investigations, we helped our clients plan a balanced meal.


Our PSHE has even linked into our healthy bodies activities as we have talked about the benefits of physical activity on our bodies and mental health. We got to have a go at doing some exercise that we enjoy and we all felt much better afterwards!