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Year 2 and 3 - Ash Class

Pure Imagination

We have been exercising our imaginations this term. We really are all imagined out! At the beginning of the half term, some mysterious, golden eggs appeared in our classroom asking to be looked after. So, we followed instructions to create a cosy nest for them and we have even sang to them to keep them happy! We used our imaginations to think about what kind of dragons were inside our eggs and we wrote fantastic descriptions all about them.


We have been using and building on the clay skills that we learned earlier in the year to create our very own dragon eyes linked to our descriptions too!


In science, we have been squashing, twisting, stretching and lots more! We have explored different materials and why or why not they are suitable for their uses. When making a bridge out of a piece of paper, we thought surely this won’t be very strong but when we experimented, we found out that if you fold the sheet in different ways, it changes its strength!


Dribbling, shooting and controlling the ball are only some of the things we have learned in our PE lessons this half term. Hockey has become one of our favourite sports in Ash Class and we had lots of fun playing ‘King of the Ring’ with our PE teacher Kat.


We have been celebrating our love of reading and books in our computing lessons this half term. We worked on the iPads to video, edit and add effects to book trailers to show to Willow Class, to see if we could entice them to read the books we were working on.