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Year 2 and 3 - Ash Class

Ash Class have been learning out our local area in our topic ‘Let’s Explore Somerby’. We have had a fantastic time in English, History and Geography finding out about what Somerby has in it today and relating this information to its past. We also talked about our ties with farming and have read and completed work around a few different books about this. As part of this learning about the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ the children got to not only learn how to draw maps, but actually make ladybirds that we hid around our quaint village for other people to find and hide again! Our favourite part of farming so far has been our trip to Fernenley’s Ice-cream Parlour though, where we learnt about how they get from cow to ice-cream…and of course what it tasted like!

In Maths we have been focusing on place value. We have learnt what each digit is worth, so can use this information to order and compare numbers. We can also put numbers on a blank number line and can combine and partition them using a part whole model. We are now beginning to use our place value skills to add numbers together using a variety of methods.

In Science this term we have been looking at materials. We have identified what objects are made of and thought about their suitability. We then investigated how and why materials can change shape. This is when we realised Science doesn’t always have an easy answer that we can all agree on! Lastly, our most exciting lesson was being a ‘refuse collector’ where we had to take all the rubbish to a ‘depot’ and sort it ready for recycling. The children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and learnt that lots of materials can be recycled into new products, including plastic bottles into a jacket!

For Design and Technology we have been creating a farm in a box! The children have had to think about what you find on a farm and think about how they can create this using small boxes inside a show box. They have made their design and then tried to construct this. They are now at the stage that they are happy with their blank boxes and are ready to bring them to life with some colour.

In P.E. this term we have been learning football skills, including attacking and defending, with some children transferring these skills to the playground at playtime and lunchtime. We also had National Fitness Day, where football was chosen as an activity!

For Music the children have been learning about music from other cultures and how this makes them feel. They have been drawing along with Revels ‘Bolero’ and have danced to ‘Hound Dog’. Soon they will be writing words to explain how they feel to ‘Gamelan Gong Kebyar Baris’, a piece from Indonesia!

In P.S.H.E. we have been focusing on our new rules and it is making a big impact on our children. We have talked about their rights and responsibilities and the rewards and consequences that happen because of this. The children have also thought about what their fears and aspirations are in life and are beginning to understand how their contributions will make a difference to not only their lives, but lives of people around them.