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Year 4, 5 and 6 - Oak Class

Out topic title and big question for this half term are, ‘The Ruin of Britain’ and ‘ Who were the Anglo Saxons and how did they influence us?’

The children have been enjoying the book Beowulf by Micheal Morpurgo which tells the tale of a heroic legend- Beowulf- who saves the lives of an Anglo Saxon tribe suffering the wrath of the hideous monster Grendel. The children have written letters from the King of Daneland asking for help from brave Beowulf and will finish the half term by writing their own legends set in the Anglo Saxon period.

In Maths we have spent a large proportion of this term focussing on deepening our understanding of the value of numbers. This underpins much of our further work in maths and is key to the children understanding what they learn. We have learnt to compare and order numbers as well as to round whole numbers within a context. The children have worked extremely hard and I have been really impressed with their pace and determination. Moving forwards, we will begin to study in depth the four calculations.

In History we have enjoyed learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. We started by understanding why and how they travelled to England and what waited for them here. Our learning on the Romans last year has helped us to be able to sequence these periods of history. Looking ahead we will be learning all about how Anglo Saxons lived in England and how they brought law and order to Britain. Finally, we will study Anglo Saxon beliefs. The children enjoyed an Anglo-Saxon themed day which helped strengthen and secure our understanding of their time in England. This breadth of knowledge will help us to answer our Big Question.

Science this term is all about Sound and the way humans hear. We are investigating how sounds travels and the children are learning how the human ear works. Towards the end of the half term we will be investigating ways to insulate sound and recording our results.

In Music this term, children have been introduced to the recorder as an instrument.  They have learnt how to hold the instrument correctly, and they know how to play the notes ‘A’ and ‘B’.  Children have also learnt about minims and crotchets in terms of their duration, and also minim and crotchet rests.  They have already played one or two whole pieces and hopefully their enthusiasm and progress will continue!

In French, children have learnt about different greetings as well as introductory phrases and conversations.  They have also enjoyed a European Languages Day, which included a Spanish ‘taster’ lesson from a member of staff from John Ferneley College.

In Computing, children have taken part in E-Safety lessons based around the importance of online safety, and they are now starting to look at what makes a good website, which will eventually lead to them creating their own exemplar websites using Microsoft Powerpoint.

As part of the P.E curriculum this term children have been learning to play football. They have been dribbling and learning how to attack and defend. In addition to this we have enjoyed national fitness day and we look forward to some coaching from the Leicester Riders in basketball.

Finally,for PHSE the children have been learning about Citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen. They will be learning about online citizenship as well as being part of a community. This has linked well into our new Behaviour policy and our school values.